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Exceptional Care. Exceptional Commitment. Love and Attention with every step. Building relationships and fostering communities. A place for caring.

Deseret Health Group, is a trusted provider of senior healthcare throughout the Intermountain and Midwest regions including Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming.

Our family philosophy ensures your loved ones are respected and cared for by the most professional staff, with regard to their health, individuality and dignity.

A passion for life. A place for caring.

Deseret Health Group is committed to being a premier provider of long term health care throughout the heartland of America. It is our desire to be the facility of choice for the communities that surround us. We understand that selecting a skilled nursing home is often a difficult decision for you, your loved ones or responsible parties. Our programs, services and facilities strive to serve and operate with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our residents, their families and our communities.

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